Harold George #24: The I Hate My Kids Experience

Like with everything that involves drawing, I truly have fun with I Hate My Kids. It's been one of my coolest experiences as an artist. I enjoy reading them when I get the scripts. One of the best parts was when I got some of the first scripts to illustrate. +Tony DiGerolamo, the writer, let me come up with the character design. I had no idea how I was going to make them look. What I wound up doing is reaching into my childhood memories and picking attributes from people that kind of stood out for me as I was growing up. So, if you read I Hate My Kids, and you see someone that looks like you...it may very well be that you could have aided in the inspiration of that character. Now, I didn't only use people from my past, there are some from my present. I mix and match features so it may turn out the character I create may not look like the inspiration. Even after all that I said, I must end this entry with the saying: "All characters depicted in this comic are purely fictional and any resemblance to anyone dead or alive is purely coincidental".

...and that's the artist truth.

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