Harold George #19: Space Rocks Kill Dinosaurs

I wonder if Dinosaurs pooped as random and as frequently as birds do. After all. They are their direct descendants. I can't imagine if we had T-rexes or raptor poop to pick up. My goodness, that would be nasty!

I also wonder if we will ever get hit by a big asteroid and just become extinct. If that is the case, I wonder how many billions of years before another intelligent species appears. Scientists say that our sun will live for another 5 billion years. Will these new intelligent life forms find all this technology we left behind? Will they have to move into space and if so, will they have the technology to do so. After all, us being wiped out will pretty much set us back to zero. I mostly wonder wonder what they would look like.

Space Ghost, what the hell are you? Are you a man? A robot? Does anyone out there know?

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Thank you,

Harold L. George

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