Harold George #8: Driving Woes

I finally added the colors again, using Photoshop added some shadows to make the figure a bit more 3d. I did this in the comfort of my own home, I promise. There was no drawing and driving involved. 

Is this driving?
I thought New York drivers were bad! Drivers here in California suck! Oh my goodness! Who qualifies these people to go behind the wheel? They don't signal when they turn, and when they do, it's 2 seconds before they're about to; not giving enough time for the drivers behind them to slow down. It's as if they are driving on an empty street and there are no other drivers BUT them. And all this time I thought NY cabbies were aggressive and annoying road-hoggers. I'd rather drive behind a NY taxi driver any day after witnessing what passes for driving here.

Here are my biggest gripes:

  • Switching lanes without signaling the car behind you. (What, are we mind readers?)
  • On the highway, going 20 miles slower than everyone else while on the passing lane.
  • Turning into a street and going 20 miles slower than the oncoming traffic.
  • Last minute notice signaling before turning.
  • Holding up traffic by driving too slow.
  • Stop sign etiquette. (Does no one know the rules of a four way stop sign?)

These people make me not want to use a car. Unfortunately, unless I'm ready to walk an hour to work in chilly weather, I have to bear these individual's lack of driving prowess.

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