Harold George #17: I Love The 80's

Who wakes up in the middle of the night to write? I'm going to raise my hand on this one and shake it in the air vigorously until someone spots me. What do I write? you may be wondering... Or maybe not. But for those who are, I guess I'm writing this particular entry. It's normal for me to get inspired through out the day at any time. This is a first though. It could be that monster I drank this afternoon and the numerous amounts of soda I consumed during the entire day. Who knows? When you feel the inspiration, you just gotta go for it. Don't you think?

So, I've still been struggling with this Space Ghost thing. I'm not quite sure why but I can't get it exactly the way I want it. I'm starting to hate Space Ghost!!! On this one, I went with the super bulky style. Don't even ask me why, I just thought it needed it. But I'm still not happy. This one was initially sketched out all digitally using Photoshop. Then inked and colored using the same program. I cheated again using an image as a background. I do that when I'm not too invested in a piece. If you like this piece, let me know, share it on your Facebook page and I'll do more of these.

Are you an artist that gets inspired at any freaking time of day? Do you disturb others when you have a moment of total inspiration? One more question... Do you have an old 80's cartoon that you'd like to see me draw? Let me know. Email me or hit me on Facebook.
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