Harold George #4: Write Your Own Captions 3

It's been a long year. In fact, every year is pretty much the same or at leasts it lasts the same. Or does it? What's that about 365 days? Or shorter? I always forget. The raining California at least in the part that I'm in.

My son is obsessed with basketball. All he wants to do is watch it, play it, eat it, and even breath it. Please don't ask me how he manages to do the last two cause I'm still trying to figure it out. There's been a diarrhea of basketball conversations and paraphernalia, sneakers chirping, swoosh sounds, whistles blowing. I think he'll make it to the big leagues... Wait, that's a baseball term, isn't it?

I've been working on finishing the cliffhanger for The SHOW, plus some more surprises with the story and characters. Hope you follow that.

The Funnicks have been flowing like the Mississippi. Thanks to all of you who have sent in ideas and inspirations. Stay tuned for more new characters and more of your favorite old ones.

I've got good stuff to show you this year. Share the links as much as you can so you can make me famous. ( ˘⌣˘) And don't forget to share your captions with me. If you are funny enough, your caption will be featured along side an episode of The Funnicks. Stay tuned.

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