Harold George #1: Write Your Own Captions 2

Happy New Year
  • Are you funny? 
  • Do you leave your friends in stitches after a get-together? 
  • Are your friends scared of hanging out with you because when you're around you make them laugh so hard that they soil their pants? 

Then I think you'd love to play this game with me. 

I am looking for some funny people. Here is an old strip without words. I want you to send in your ideas of what you would like these people to be saying. 

Ways to send me your ideas

  • Email
  • Post them on my Facebook page
  • Post them on the comments section of this blog

Be as creative as you want. Remember it's YOUR sense of humor, so feel free to say whatever makes you laugh. If your entry makes ME laugh, it will be redrawn and turned into a Funnicks strip with your name on the credits. 

*(Some profanity may be substituted by symbols unless it is detrimental to the delivery of the punch-line.)

Here is an example someone sent in:
Panel 1 
MAN: I swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

Panel 2
MAN: I often feel like I am being manipulated.

Panel 3
MAN: Like someone has control over everything I do.
GIRL: I know, like there's a little fat man pulling your strings, right? I get that feeling all the time.

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Thank you for playing.

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