Harold George #53: Movie Review - Operation: Endgame

Wow, one of the best things to actually see is your name on credits, even if it is at the end of a movie. So, I was watching a movie that I did some graphics work for waited for the credits at the end. There it was, my name! One of the coolest things ever.  It was an amazing amazing feeling. Well, hope you guys can take a look at the movie. It's pretty funny. It didn't quite actually make it to the theaters, and went straight to DVD, but I liked it. While it may not be the best action movie out there, it did have a sense of entertainment. It may have done a lot better if the writers developed the characters a bit more. I think they relied on dark comedy and gory violence to make the movie. Of course, my opinion of the movie may have been tainted because of the familiarity that came from seeing scenes prior to its release. Not sure, I'll wait a couple of years and watch it again and see if I still have the same reaction

What I did? I worked on some of the designs of the computers the two suits were looking at along with the maps of the compound. 

...and that's the artist truth.


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