Harold George #46: Comic Book Characters

Every now and then I like to go back into my sketchbook, pick a character up and see how I would draw them this time around. I usually pick characters that I'm either going to use in a story line, or ones that I really enjoy drawing. This week, I chose Neko. He is a character from one of the story lines that I have yet to out out. You can tell him apart from others due to his long white hair. He's about 19 years old and a little ripped. He is one third human. The other two thirds, I'd like to leave in suspense until I put the story out there. It will most likely start off as a web comic like the S.H.O.W. 

Speaking of The S.H.O.W., things have been a bit much lately. I got the pleasure of working with a great writer from New York. I'm working on the artwork for HIS comic book. So far, I've done a couple if pages and I love his plots and scripts. Awesome characters by the way. You can download the first two issues from Amazon, here. So, I've been a little busy with that and I've halted production on The S.H.O.W. temporarily. If you don't follow Super J and his merry band of Watchers, please click here to start reading it and help my friends and I being our characters to life. Thank you so much for reading and please share this with your friends. 

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