Harold George #23: Kids Nowadays

I can't say I've ever really taken anything from my mom. I was mostly annoyed by the consequences and frankly cared little for them so much that I tried not to hear her mouth nor liked spending time in what she called punishment. I guess I learned at an early age that I'd rather not use my time being kept away from the things I enjoyed. I was no saint, by all means, but I did know when to hold them and know when to fold them. I think if I would have ever sold something that belonged to my mom, let alone steal $200 from her, I would not be writing this journal entry right now.

Kids nowadays get bored easily. What with all the technology and easy access to everything, they turn to doing some outrageous things. I wish I had iPads and even Internet when I was growing up. Then again, maybe it's a blessing that I didn't.

...and that's the artist truth.

What's one of the worst things you did as a kid?

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