Harold George #48: Interior Design - Do I give up on my passion?

I'm not the only artist in town, or in the world for that matter. Sometimes the Truth comes from other artist as well. Here is a guest blog from another artist I know.

"I'll admit it. I haven't made tons of money - I'm not a millionaire, heck I'm not even a thousand-aire. It takes love and passion to do something day by day that doesn't always guarantee money but that you have to work for day in and day out. 

I've ventured from interior design to an e-commerce and am now dabbling in the beauty world. Why? To gain more fans, more followers, more clients, more business. 

But what I really want is to design a space. I long for it. I long for paint swatches, fabric samples and furniture hunts. I long for install days and  nights going over a design plan in your head and measurements that need to be taken. I long for talks with contractors and vendors and time sheets for people who work with me. 

I watch countless hours of design shows. I draw floor plans on my spare time for imaginary rooms. I dream in color palettes. My blogs reflect my passion.  I giveaway tons of inspiration boards and love when followers on Twitter or Facebook ask a design question. I love how happy they get when I've answered something so simple as where to purchase Behr paint. It moves me to know that I can help anyone with their design dilemma. 

I don't always know when the next "job" will come so I hold on to the memories of the last one. I wish to see my work one day in a design magazine - and that's one of my bigger goals. 

Do I give up on my passion? I sometimes feel like it. But I'm not. So I can't. And I won't. This is something that drives the car in my heart and head and I'll continue to steer it. Sometimes in the wrong direction but I will get to my destination. I have to follow my dreams. I just can't find the map right now...."

Merry Christmas and don't forget to...Keep it Touched, 
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