Harold George #39: I Remember My Grandma

I miss my grandma, she used got to a point where she was asking some weird questions. But I understand that all that comes with age. I did learn a lot from her. She taught me that you can cure peeing on your bed by peeing over a hot brick. Not quite sure where that came from as she never revealed her source, but she swore it worked. She also would tell me that if you step on the cold floor first thing in the morning your body will freeze and you will die. I miss her cool little underground facts. Those were cool. I no longer have anyone to tell me these cool fun facts about life. So, what I have decided to do is be the person who gives others these cool facts, even if I make them up. I'll start it when I turn 65, which is maybe about 3 years from now, if my calculations are right....I think.

...and that's the artist truth.

The above piece are my digital bluelines for one of the pages of my web comic. Have you checked out The S.H.O.W. lately?

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