Harold George #13: The Cosmic Entities AKA The S.H.O.W.

Nothing says unlucky like the #13. But is it really? I don't believe in that stuff. What I do believe in is revisiting old drawings and trying to make them better. Because I believe hard, I make this happen.

Here's an old drawing attempt at what The S.H.O.W. first looked like. This was drawing I created in my teenage years. Super J is on the top left donning a cape and he has his hair out. At that time, these kind of costumes were in style. The story was a bit different but the characters are all still there. There's Spade on the top right. The Elite on the bottom right and Angel Heart (a character you'll soon grow to love in the upcoming episodes of The S.H.O.W.)

Wait, I guess there is ONE character missing, Balance. Well, since +Lorenzo Thomason was drawing his own stuff back then, I didn't bother with his character. There's Injustice, the villain you guys voted for, ready to make his debut on the next episode... Page 12.

If you like comics or just silly superheroes, catch The S.H.O.W. on www.theshowcomic.blogspot.com

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