Harold George #10: Incredible

This piece was drawn while back and it has a female lead. I've always liked this drawing.

"That's incredible!" was one of the many things I heard as a kid, referring to my art but also on that old TV show.
"Incredible? Thanks", but I never really asked why. I always figured it was normal to draw and to be able to see things in my head, and put them down on paper. As I grew, I realized that not everyone can actually do it. But that's not the point in this entry. Aside how incredible you may think the above drawing, it is no where near as incredible as the people I'm about to mention.

A woman who worked hard to bring her two kids to this country in order to make something of themselves, because where we were was not cutting it. She sacrificed her accounting practice to come to the US and work in a factory, so we could have a chance at the piece of the American pie. She juggled discipline and encouragement throughout my life; always making me pay for my mistakes and at the same time supporting my dreams. All this, and more, she did without the help of make figure to help. Now THAT's incredible.

One of the most incredible women I've met. She's driven, determined, hard working and caring. She's her immediate family's trooper; the one paving the way for the rest of them here in the USA. A strong woman if I ever saw one, and I have, but as gentle a soul as they come; in a word: Amazing...no, INCREDIBLE.
So, when people say, wow, your drawing is incredible, I think say it's not as incredible as these people. More people I think are amazing and they know why:
Khloè, Shamell, Aaron, Wendy, Brophy, Alicia, Anso, David, Annie, Colin, Kristina, Andrew, and +Lorenzo Thomason whose characters are drawn in my 1990 rendition above. He called them the OUT Force, but I've yet to figure out what it stood for if anything. In any case, these young and old individuals will soon find their home in The Show...
...thanks for reading my journal.

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