94-How The S.H.O.W. Began

Cosmic Entities by Harold George 8x10, ink & color pencils, 1990

Ever since I was a 9 years old and met Jose, we've been drawing. I could always draw, but never from memory. Most of my drawings were of things I was looking at. I remember the first time I met Jose, he saw me draw and was a bit surprised. I remember his question as if he'd just asked it yesterday. I know it's a bit clichè but I can actually remember it word for word. He said: "You could draw? Me too!"

That was the beginning of a beautiful and long-lasting friendship. The next couple of weeks and even years we spent drawing each other as super heroes. I remember the silly names we gave them. Jose named his character Super J and I, following his lead, proceeded to name mine Super H. Corny I know but, at the moment it was the only thing I could come up with. It was the birth of my imagination. As my imagination matured so did my character's powers.

The two characters later evolved to the ones here in Cosmic Entities and then to what we now know as The S.H.O.W. We kept Super J's original name to remind us where it all came from. Super H then became Spade and evolved from being a faux Superman to being able to cut through dimensions using reflective surfaces. Over time he develpoed a bit further as did Super J. You can catch The S.H.O.W. pages by clicking here. Enjoy The S.H.O.W.

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