90-What do you see?

I've looked up the definition of the word "Artist" and found numerous attempts at defining us as people who are experts at drawing, painting, acting, singing. Yes, this is all true, I guess, but we are more than that, aren't we? We see things that others don't, hear things that many fail to, notice things that the normal person doesn't. We even see things that aren't there. That's how we create. I often see faces and other things on the patterns on tiled floors. I find similarities in facial features or skeletal structures between people from different races while other people I point them out to, don't. Some call me crazy, others pretend to see what I see.

On that note, here is an inspiration that came from clouds passing by. What do YOU see? If you see something, leave me a comment below with a drawing of what you see. I'd like to know what you see. Next week I will post what I see and maybe draw what you guys sent me in my style. +jaime ramirez +Krista Messer +Jenn Parga  #clouds #art

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