70-Super J on Water Fountain Pencils

This is a sketch I did of Super J. I started with the background. This was a background i was looking at. It's a beautiful fountain and I thought I'd capture it on my sketch pad. But when I was halfway through it, I realized it needed something and in the essence of trying to get used to The S.H.O.W., I decided to put Super J right in there. 

Who is Super J?
Super J is outgoing, a bit dramatic, overzealous, loud, obnoxious, and egotistical, but he has feelings. After all, he is human, or should I say Superhuman. The one thing that brings down his spirits is when his fans stop believing in him. When this happens, he starts doubting his every move. I guess you could say that's his weakness. So here he sits, alone, contemplating his life and his ability to do good and protect those people he swore to protect. One would think a big guy like this would have a heart of steel. Apparently, THAT is NOT the case.

You can catch Super J in action by clicking here.

Do you have a hero?


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