69-Comic Book Cover

Most of the time I just love to go back and redo stuff that I know I can do better. Sometimes it's personal, other times it's with art. The remainder of the times it's with just pure craziness and I challenge myself as to how crazy I can be the next time around.
Here is a piece I am working on. I did the first color piece in traditional pencil, ink and markers. It was done in 1991. Yup, I am THAT old. (Stop that!) In the center of the frame is SPADE from The Show. This is what my costume design skills were like before. I substituted some other characters because they just don't exist or I have no use for them. 

Here are the identities of the color piece:
  • Big guy in blue: Heck if I remember his name. This thing is old man! Did you really think I would remember? Anyway, I just wanted a big hulk-like guy in the group.
  • Girl on big guy's shoulder: Penny. She's in another storyline and I will show you some updated sketches of her in the near future, if I remember or if someone reminds me.
  • Blue girl on the left flying: Skylark. This was my version of Banshee, but she actually sings.
  • Center guy in black and white: Spade. I already went over who he is. Back when I drew him, he was psychic. Now...well, you'll have to tune in to his comic to find out what he can do.
  • Girl behind spade with the massive metal: Baby Boom.She was supposed to be like a transformer. She could transform into anything she wanted, provided she scanned it first, or something like that. I have this thing about chicks with big guns.
  • Girl in white to the right: Maggy. She could control electromagnetism. And apparently, in this image, she loved to float on her knees and wore shades because the electricity was too much for her eyes. Some imagination I had.
  • The red guy: Red. How creative was I? Well, it was either that or I called him Redskin or some crazy name like that. His power had to do with heat, which is why his skin was always red. All the other fire names were taken and I was too lazy to research. Anyway, if you follow The Show, you will soon see him pop up.
  • The guy in green towards the right foreground: Delta. He is still around and in the same storyline as Penny. This story is yet to be revealed and is a lot less funny than The Show.

So, this is just the start of this page. I will continue to work on it and show you the progress. Stay tuned. Drop me a comment or email me and let me know what you think of the old page and what I have so far. Your comments are always welcome.
I also be selling 8x10 prints of the old version and the new version as collective items. Feel free to email me for that as well.

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