67-Super J & Wonder Woman

I have noticed that the more you do something, the more familiar you get with it. Duh! Isn't that what learning is all about. I mean after all, that is the whole basis behind the whole "Practice makes perfect" motif. I have been diligently mocking up the pages for The Show for your viewing entertainment and have been fascinated by the way Super J's character seems to just pop out on the paper already, at least for me. If you still don't know about Super J, catch him on The Show Blog. You'll sure to love him as much as his creator does. 

The black and white drawing in this blog was done prior to us starting the comic, right when we just established the colors and idea for the characters. Although these characters have been around for while in our brains, at least for +Jose Gomez, +Lorenzo Thomason and I, they needed some work in order to be shown in the public.

Enjoy this illustration. Click here if you want to see more of The Show

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