66-Digital Page

The digital arena has been good to me. I've been able to draw pages a bit faster than I used to. While once I was solely using Photoshop, I now migrated to the kick-ass program that is Manga Studio. I currently use Manga Studio 5 and I can't even stop raving about it. You would think I work for them. Once I find something that works, I find I get really fanatical about it. 

The above is half-pencilled (turned blue), half-inked page for a client.

Digital work is so much smoother. It allows me to do more to the layout. Changes are faster, cleaner, and are easier to make. 

I still sketch traditionally. You can check out some of those by clicking here. 

In order to learn and get inspired, 've been watching tutorials and videos from these great artists. If you get a chance and you are moving into the digital arena, even if you're not, it's cool to check out their stuff:

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