60-Super J

Here is a on oldie but goodie. My friend Jose created this character when we were 9 years old. This is actually his original name. We didn't even bother to change it on the revamp. Yes, we decided to bring him back in a feature web comic that we are trying to get off the ground. 

Jose wrote the first story arc and Lorenzo helped with some of the character costumes. With YOUR help, we can make Super J and his gang a household name. We want to make the comic as interactive as possible. This means, that the story and where the characters go, will partly depend on you, the reader, but we need your feedback. 

So please, don't be afraid to leave comments, ideas, impressions, letters to the writer and/or artist, death threats, subpoenas, love letters, etc. 

In this drawing that I did as teenager I can see how I over exaggerated some muscles. I guess I am still doing the same old thing but with much more simplicity than I did back then. I had fun redesigning this character.  

Check out Super J and his gang and sign up so we can send you updates when the blog is updated. We look forward to making this story a great one with your help. There will be great prices for the winners. Don't forget to spread the word to all your comic loving friends. Thank you.

...and that's the artist truth.

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