61-Franco The Great

About a few years back I met a great artist on the train in New York City. I was sketching on my notebook with my son and Franco saw me. He asked me if I had a card and of course I did. (This is a good thing to have on you at all times aside your drawing pad, it has actually come in handy. I usually use a little case holder to house a bunch of them. Makes me feel more professional.)

Anyway, it's been after a year passed I got a chance to visit him again at his place. He was showing me exactly what he did. He paints store gates and has been doing so since the late 60's. He's very well known in Harlem. I got a chance to see his work while walking through 125th street at 8am right before all the stores open. His work is breath-taking.

You can usually find him on Sunday early mornings on 125th street by the Apollo, a place that has been coined "Franco's Boulevard" because of the exhibition of his works on all the gates. Now, if you walk by in the middle of the day you might not get to experience the grand exhibit that is Franco The Great.

Franco is great, down to earth and has a lot of experience under his belt. He gave me a few pointers of the art business. You can find what Franco is all about on his site www.francothegreat.com.

Truthfully, it is my dream and goal to be a successful artist like him. Thanks Franco.

...and that's the artist truth.

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