Harold George #58: Gratitude

I am grateful to have the gift of being able to see things differently; being able to change my perspective on everything I place my eyes on. I have been blessed with the "eye" to view things past the particles that actually make things and see another dimension of whatever it is that I am watching. Furthermore, I am in debt to the one (or ones) that have endowed me with the gift of allowing me to place those visions, the different perspective, whether it be from a different angle or a different state of mind, that I so frequently see.

This entry is to commemorate all those who see things differently. All those who are able to listen, see, smell, touch, taste and feel something an experience something different every time, I hereby commend. Because it is those who can place a different meaning on the most mundane things each time they look at it, that make the world the most beautiful place there is to be. I am honored to be a part of this group.

Whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, fine artist, graphite artist, musician, singer, rapper, poet, chef, interior decorator, exterior decorator, t-shirt designer, 3D artist, mom, dad, this passage is for you. stay creative an thanks for the inspiration.
...and that's the artist truth.

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