Harold George #51: Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not really a sappy Valentine's Day kind of person but maybe I am. I haven't decided yet. I just like the fact that everyone is all hyped up on it (sarcasm). EVEVERYDAY SHOULD BE Valentine's Day if you really love the person you're with. Or maybe it should be Christmas, cause all I see is people giving each other presents. I'd rather spend some alone time with my loved one than receive presents on Valentine's, although I would also love to go shooting zombies with her. Her presence is my present and frankly, that's all I need. But you go ahead and pass on your gifts. I'll be fine. Unless of course you want to give me one. You can send me money to paypal to g@gstinglabs.com. Even a dollar will do. Happy Valentine's everyone!

...and that's the artist truth.

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