Harold George #49: Ardour Character Design

Okay, so I was going through my sketchbooks and archives of days of old and found this character called Ardour® that I created a while back to be featured in one of my fictional comic book stor. At least at that time they were fictional, now they are actually going to be come a fact (the comic books that is, not the character). Everyone dreams of super powers or superheroes to be a part of your team. I always wanted a group like the X-men but never really wanted any of their powers, except for Telekinesis. I was really intrigued by Firestorm from DC, and I remember looking at a match one day and seeing how it burned and said: "Hey, why don't I make a character that looks like a match?" Enter Ardour®.

It's a been a very long time since I created this character and since then I have actually began to publish pages of my own Comic Book in which some of these characters from my old notebook are featured. Ardour® won't be featured in The Show but he sure as hell was fun to re-draw. Oh yeah, that's another thing I like to do, is redraw things that I find in my old notebooks. As you can tell, I have really changed my style. I have applied everything I have learned about design work and implemented it in my drawings. Simple designs seem to work better and thus, simple drawings tend to give me more freedom when I create and draw a character over and over and over again. I hope you guys enjoy this image and please comment. Don't forget to sign up for this blog if you want to be updated. Thanks

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