Harold George #25: Long Tongue

People who speak more than two languages intrigue me. My wife rocks three languages. Man, how much crap is in her head? I admire that. She can communicate in more ways that I can, at least verbally. I, on the other hand, speak only two languages., but dabble in a bit of gibberish from time to time. I also speak a little crazy and your occasional randomness. Hey, that's how my program was created. I also speak art. Not the "stand in front of a painting and pretend I know what the artist was feeling" or the "look, I know who painted this and the era and style of this painting", but the non-verbal version of that. I can freaking draw. I can paint. That's a language all on its own. You see, when people speak to me, I see images in my head. Not saying that some of you don't, but mine is not drugged induced. Just kidding. I'm sure some of you see images. But, seriously, when someone is speaking to me, for instance, giving me directions, I blank out when they start calling out street names. It is only when I hear things like "...a blue house at the corner, make a left" that the movie reel in my head starts rolling. I can do the same on paper. I can SHOW someone what I mean a lot more effective than writing it or speaking it. So, in essence, I guess I speak 3 languages.

I'm learning one of my wife's languages little by little. So soon, if not earlier than that, I'll be rocking FOUR tongues. I speak English and Spanish fluently and little by little I find myself learning Assyrian. I wonder how many languages OUR kids will speak.

...and that's the artist truth.

How many languages do you speak?

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