Harold George #14: Living In The Past

Hanging on
We all have moments in life in which we mentally shift to an old time in which we experienced something. Heck, I know plenty of times I've found myself thinking of something that I did or that was done to me, positive or negative. Then, there are those of us that, because the impact of a past situation, choose to hang on to it like a button on its last thread.

Re-live the good I'm a firm believer that growth is a part of life, and experience yields wisdom. I also believe that the more you hold on the past, the less likely you are to grow from it. I'm no expert but, I think that's how thinks work. It is my practice that when I visit the past it's usually to learn from it by reference. Other times I visit to experience anew the emotions that once I felt, whether for inspiration or pure enjoyment. 

Living in the past So what do I consider living in the past? Well, I think making constant references to something that happened way back when, is living in the past. This does not include citations in a journal or in a courtroom. Another example is holding grudges. If you find yourself making satirical comments to someone about something that happened over 30 years ago, you may be stuck in the past. I find childhood and teenage years to play a pivotal part in shaping a person's character. The mistakes we make as children, teenagers and even young adults all prepare us to handle the bigger mistakes we will make as adults. The same holds true for the accomplishments.

In our comic strips we poke fun at situations with children, teenagers and even babies. Yes, these situations are taken from real life moments, presently seen or emulsions of past events. I'm grateful that I had the experiences that have shaped my creativity and led me to meet the wonderful people that surround my life now.

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