Harold George #9: Social Networking

So this is the final, along side the old version that I drew before. Now I'd like to share this, perhaps you can help me.

With the diarrhea of social networks at our disposal, the word and its meaning has become desensitized. Whether its because you may have liked a picture they had online or because their interests march yours, we all have a list of people whom we don't even know that we let these social behemoths make us call them friends. What ever happened to all the hard work you put into friendships?

This year, I'm determined to reach out to dear old friends; those people whom I've bonded throughout the years. So, if during the course of this year you get a message from me, you are considered my "Friend". If by the odd chance that December 31st has come and gone and you have not received anything from me, you've not have been a friend at all.

I urge you all who have real friends whom you haven't spoken to in a while, whether it's because you had a falling out or you just list contact, take the time to use your favorite social network, email or your phone and reach out to those close ones.

This time, I'll make it my business to stay in touch.

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