Harold George #7: Where Art Lives

Here's the next step in last week's sketch. I added the ink on this one digitally, using a calligraphic brush in Photoshop. It's become one of my main programs to use when I create artwork.

Where art lives
Many people ask me what artists do. Well, not so many but for the sake of this entry I have to make it look good. I can't really tell you what all artists do, but I am sure the majority of the time, they spend it doing something art-related. That would make sense, right? In my case, I would say about 90% of the time goes to doing something creative or that requires me to use that half of the brain where art lives. Whether it's drawing something, coming up with an idea for a website with my pals at Gstinglabs, or just making up stories for my web comic, I usually am doing something that constitutes as art.

Where art does NOT live
The other 10% I spend it doing regular old things that normal people do, like eating, talking, watching TV; pretty much doing all the things that require the other side of the brain where art does NOT live. I organize my bills and make sure things get paid on a timely manner. I reach out to clients and potential art buyers to make sure they know I'm still alive and haven't dropped dead yet. I'm also in a constant state of renewal, as one of my favorite motivational speakers said it is one of the things to do in order to always try to keep up with the paradigm.

When art takes a break
I occasionally take the time from hard thinking to meditate and spend time with my family. A little bit of exercising also gets shoved in there somewhere, along with your occasional worry of where I'm going to get enough money for my expensive wine palette.  In these instances I'm not only far away from any artistic thoughts but I feel normal, or as normal as I think some people are. I usually don't last too long in these phases as my default state is the creative thinking bit I just mentioned above, but it does lend to making me feel like everyone else around me or at least I think it does.

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