I Hate My Kids: Talking to Dad

An Artist's Journal by Harold L. George: IHMK Talking to Dad

I never really had a problem with people listening to me, mostly because I hardly ever talked, for fear of sounding foolish or saying the wrong thing. Even now I seldom open my mouth because random things just come out and when they do, people look at me weird. Of course through out the years I have learned to use what I have. What is that, you ask? Well, it is the ability to create random crap from thin air. As an artist, I see things a lot different than your average Joe and if you're an artist, you will agree with me. Why, we can look at a snail and see magic, wonder and composition and all that jazz while someone else may look at it and kill it because they think it's disgusting.

Grown-ups can be really rude sometimes. I know kids can blabber away at times, but sometimes they really have something to say. So, if your kid is telling you something, listen to them... or don't. Do whatever you want. I don't care. Just kidding. But I am really not!

What's one thing your child (if you have one) has tried to tell you and you have felt foolish later for not listening? I'd like to know.

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