I Hate My Kids: Best Level Ever

I wanted to take a moment of silence yesterday for the victims of 9/11 but I wrote something for you guys today.

I was playing God of War with my friend Lorenzo and by golly gosh, that game was freakishly addicting. The storyline was solid and I loved the game play. Part two of course was even better than the first. And then part three topped it with its great graphics and detail. Wow! So, I can understand why someone would go without eating and even sleeping due to a game. These games can last for hours, much longer than a movie. And, the best thing is that it is all interactive. YOU decide what happens. This is, in my opinion, the future of gaming and even the future of movies. And there is a God of War 4 coming out soon as well. WTF?  If you would love some interactive comics, in which your vote helps decide what happens, check out The Show and be a part of the cast or at least the writing.

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