The S.H.O.W.'s Super J, a-la David Lester

Super J by David Lester

A friend of mine, one who's been there through thick and thick, decided to take a whack at drawing Super J. From The S.H.O.W. Here's David Lester's rendition of the Blue Clad superhero. Like me, David's been drawing comic books since he was a little tod', and now loves to dismantle his guns like clockwork every morning and evening at 6am and 6pm, for about 2 hours. The military has taught you well, David. Somehow between work, play and the ladies, he manages to put out some cool work. You can check out some of his art by clicking on his site here. You are truly talented David. Keep up the great work.

You can join Super J. and his merry band of Watchers as they protect the Earth from unlicensed super humans running amok. Click here to view the Show Comic and tune in for the next part of chapter 1 which our readers have helped guide by voting and sending their ideas.

If you are interested in sending some fan art, email them to me at

  • $5 - Get a High-res digital signed copy emailed to you.
  • $20 - Get a printed color copy of any one page of The S.H.O.W. on an 11x17 size board.


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