I Hate My Kids: Kids and Fireworks

I remember the days when fireworks were not as dangerous or even banned as they are now. I remember we could walk into a candy store and get as many as we wanted, all year round. I remember the little torpedoes that looked like miniature Hershey kisses. We would throw at the ground by people's feet and they would make a popping sound the scare the bejesus out of any unsuspecting by-walkers. 
Why can't we apply with fireworks? Who made it so that we couldn't? Who messed it up for us? Was it Jose from up the block who decided to set his house on fire cause he was too lazy to go outside and light them and instead was lighting them from his fire escape. I bet it was him. Hey Jose, I'm gonna start a rally against you wherever you are.

Happy Independence Day to everyone.

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  1. Hi, Harold:

    Just a read a few of your recent posts and really enjoyed them! I'll be checking back frequently!


    1. Thank you Delicia. I find them to be really entertaining as well. The writer is really witty and a great guy.


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