I Hate My Kids: Collateral Breakdancing

I don't think I ever had the courage to breakdance. I always thought I'd break my neck or worse. I could electric boogie the crap out of a song, though. I kind of did it like the following video.

Except I didn't use a broom, I used my little sister and I didn't have sneakers like those, I had He-Man sneakers. But I could move like that. Well, not really, but I was able to pass it off as Electric Boogie. Of course I never performed in front of anyone else other than the mirror and my sister and apparently my sister has developed selective amnesia to the whole ordeal; either because I used her as the broom or because I put her away in the closet after I was done. I can't figure out why she won't vouch for me. But, please take my word for it. I CAN do it.
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