I Hate my Kids: Just Let It Go

Watching a woman pick out an outfit for any event is one of the most painful experiences any man could ever live through. While they try everything in their closet they comment about how fat they are and how nothing fits.

Any man would do best not to comment if confronted by the question: "Does this make me look fat." A no may be attacked with "You're lying." or "You're just saying that to shut me up." These are often followed by the inevitable inquiries regarding your honesty: "Are you being honest?, "Do I really look okay?"

After a couple of hours of this grueling torture that may end in some kid of argument, provoked or NOT provoked by you (most of the time it's not) you find yourself mentally raped with the need for a long, solitary, hot shower. You may even want to sing in there (I would suggest against it.)

I wonder what would be the reaction if you just fell asleep while the whole ordeal is taking place or even faked that you fell asleep. Hmmmm. Adaptation and experimentation is the quintessential human attribute and I feel I must exercise my given gift.
 In any case, I would advice that andy arguments that may arise from said situation, just let it go.

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