I Hate My Kids: As Long As You’re Torturing…

I live day to day these days. Not knowing what the next day will bring is usually the sum of my daily afflictions. I often encounter very nice people through out the day. Sometimes they are so nice that it makes me wonder if there is good in all people. I've come to believe there is, but there are those obnoxious bullies who seem to take out on others what they feel the world has taken out on them. 
Whether you are one of those physical bullies, blackmailers, or even emotional bullies who feels the world revolves around you and that you have to make everyone else suffer for your twisted way of life, I want to tell you:

"I'm not scared anymore. My mom said people like you just need love."

So, if you are reading this, just remember...that's what my mother said. You wouldn't hurt an old lady, would you?

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