The Show: Pages 10-12

For those of you who enjoy a good graphic novel or even a not so good one, or this one written by Jose Gomez and yours truly, here is your chance to be a part of The Show. You can help us guide the storyline by weighing in with your votes. Below you will find some options that you can choose from. If you feel like the ones already listed are not something you like, then by all means, email me or leave me a comment with other option and I will be glad to add them to the voting process.

What do the characters see when they look up?

Do they see:

  1. An alien spacecraft with an army of Elites' kind coming down dragging Super J with them.
  2. A UFO driven by Balance's Arch Nemesis. Super J being pummeled to the ground by his evil clone.
  3. A high tech blimp with cloaking technology advertising for a Dougie Fresh concert and using Super J as an opening act.
  4. A big disc-like object projecting a batman-like symbol under it calling out for that superhero.
  5. The Rooster, an almost crazy super vigilante intent on cleansing the neighborhood of evil doers with his technology.

You can vote by placing the number (s) of your choice below in the comment section, or by emailing me your choices.

You can also vote on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Remember, YOU get to decide where the story goes from here.

If you want to read the fill story up to page 12 you can do so by visiting The S.H.O.W.

The winning plot will be announced some time in March with the page when it is published. Those of you who chose the winning plot will be emailed an 11x17 original art of that page signed by the artists.

Thank you for playing.

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