I Hate My Kids: The Inconvenience to Noise Ratio

I hate bratty kids. Not that I hate them, cause I think that's  very strong word. I think ABHOR would best qualify in this situation. I'm glad I haven't come across any of them in a while because the last time I did, I almost smacked the parent. Of course, I don't think it was their parent, she looked more like the grandparent. She was really old. Not that I go around smacking old ladies or anything, but the kid warranted me to slap her. I mean, it's her fault that she didn't teach her own kids to curb THEIR kids. Of course, there are a lot of old people I'd love to slap. No offense, Mrs. Rivera from apartment 8, but you know you deserve one. Stop taking my newspaper, Gosh Darnit!!! Don't make me kidnap your cat and hold it for ransom. 

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