Inspirations: I Saw The Sign!

I was in the passenger's seat in  my girlfriend's car and took a chance to pay close attention to all the beautifully designed signage. One of my favorites was the deer crossing sign. It just looks completely different than the other generic "curved road", "intersection", "railroad crossing", etc. The Deer Crossing sign like like a true artist took their time to depict a deer in mid jump with intricate detail, as far as silhouettes are concerned. At 60 miles an hour I could still tell the detail. Other animals get the same treatment; kangaroos, moose, skunks, ducks, chickens, and the list goes on to animals I've never seen on land. Why don't they not portray humans with such intricate precision? Or cars for that matter? And who names these signs? They're just silhouettes. People can read them differently. I could read the deer as "Prancer", or "Dancer", or "Blitzen", or "jumping buck". you get the idea.

Take a look of some of these signs and leave me a comment as to what you think they could possibly mean.
Here are some signs I would like to see on the road.
I'd love to hear your ideas as what you would call them.

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